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Our Frosted Vinyl User Offerings

Achieve privacy without sacrificing style.

Our Frosted Vinyl  Services provide an elegant solution for glass partitions, windows, and doors, ensuring discretion while maintaining a sophisticated atmosphere.

At MMK Custom, we take pride in creating stunning and versatile acrylic awards and signage. But what if you wanted to add a touch of sophistication and privacy to your design? Look no further than our frosted vinyl overlays! These overlays transform clear acrylic plaques into elegant frosted panels, offering a unique aesthetic and several practical benefits.

Frosted Vinyl Overlays: 

We offer a seamless frosted vinyl overlay experience:
Expert Design Consultation: Our design team collaborates with you to
understand your vision and create a frosted vinyl overlay that complements your plaque design and branding perfectly.
High-Quality Vinyl Materials: We use only the most durable and clear vinyl materials to ensure a flawless frosted finish that lasts.
Precision Cutting & Application: Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees precise vinyl cutting and flawless application, creating a seamless andprofessional finish.pen_spark

Frosted Vinyl: Perfect for Every Plaque

Frosted vinyl overlays enhance a wide variety of acrylic plaques applications:
Employee Recognition Awards: Add a touch of elegance to employee
recognition awards with a frosted vinyl overlay, making them truly memorable keepsakes.
Corporate Recognition Plaques: Commemorate company milestones or
partnerships with a sophisticated frosted plaque that showcases your logo and key details discreetly.
Donor Recognition Walls: Create a visually striking donor recognition wall with frosted acrylic plaques, allowing for partial privacy while acknowledging contributions.
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